All training programs are designed and implemented by USA Triathlon Coach Robert McKeown and his team of coaches.  Programs range from beginners to experienced triathletes, and include sprints to Ironman distances.  Each program is designed to your abilities, goals, and lifestyle.

Training Programs Include:

  • Free initial consultation to evaluate current fitness level
  • Goal setting
  • Training to suit your needs - targeting specific races
  • A schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • Healthy lifestyle consultation
  • Workout progressions and strategies
  • Training your weaknesses
  • Exercise science based training
  • Nutrition planning

Weekly Training Program Specifics:

    • Detailed & customized
    • Goals for the week
    • Ongoing evaluation and assessment
    • Recovery weeks
    • Pre-race taper
    • Unlimited communication
    • account
    • Daily email reminders containing workouts for the day
    • Full data analysis of your workouts

    Personalized workout programs are issued on a weekly basis and adjusted as needed. Communication with coaches is unlimited via email and/or phone.


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